AS / EN 9100 Machining Company
AS / EN 9100 Machining Company
AS / EN 9100 Machining Company
AS / EN 9100 Machining Company
AS / EN 9100 Machining Company

Aero TCS is a company organized around the AS / EN 9100 Quality System. Each and every process, manufacturing step, relationship with supplier is validated through the AS / EN 9100 quality system in order to provide our clients the best service quality-wise.

We work with the most senior Quality people in Italy with the aim to provide the best products and the best service possibile.

From the end of 2016 until today we’ve received 6 audits without any major claim (GE Avio, Leonardo Group, Piaggio Aerospace, Italian Military…)

AS | EN 9100 Quality System

Our continuously trained, 100% Italian, loyal workforce is one of the best in the market. Thanks to its long and diverse experience clients not only will get the products they are looking for, they’ll get feedbacks, alerts and dedication they won’t find easily from the market in Italy or abroad.

at your service

The sum of 9100 Quality System with the Italian heritage and “modus operandi” leads to an High End artisanality like no other.

In our workshop old instruments are perfectly blended with state of the art CNC mills and those elements coupled with top notch human experience to provide true High End Aerospace Artisanality

We treat each and every client with a superior experience when it comes to understanding Client’s needs and to meet quality expectations

High and aerospace artisanality

Blockchain Based Quality Management System

AeroTCS is developing a revolutionary concept of Quality Management System – a blockchain-based AS/EN 9100-compliant quality management system — that can give great advantages to the whole aerospace industry.

With our system, developed in partnership with K Systems ltd and IAT (a newly formed Quality Management and Engineering consulting company), the whole aerospace industry will benefit from the blockchain technology. Clients will be able to check the status of their ordered parts moving through the manufacturing chain, with complete peace of mind about quality, time and information management.

Currently the system is has left the design phase and is been built while we are using/testing a stripped down system with our manufacturing partners in order to gain insights and experience in order to improve the system.

We think that our AS EN 9100-compliant Quality System has the potential to revolutionize the way aircrafts are designed, built and serviced linking together the whole industry in a way it wasn’t possibile until today all with the highest quality standard achieved


Our workshop is located in Mappano close to Turin Airport. It is easily reachable with any mean at this address:

Aero TCS srl
Via Giuseppe Cottolengo 34
10072 Mappano di Caselle, Turin (ITALY)
ph: +39 011 9221855

mail: [email protected]